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Have a Healthy and Beautiful Home with Grove Collaborative

I love having a clean home. There is no better feeling than working hard to straighten and clean your home, and then sitting back to relax and enjoy your hard work. It’s like a breath of fresh air! But how do I maintain a clean home with everything I have on my plate – a full time job, a family with four kids, and a blog? This is why I love Grove Collaborative! If you aren’t familiar with Grove Collaborative, it is an online service whose mission is to “inspire every family to create and sustain a healthy, beautiful home.” Grove Collaborative is committed to offering products in a transparent way that are more natural than your typical conventional brand, and ultimately are better for you and the environment. 

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative Review

The Products You Need Delivered Straight to your Door

What do I love most about Grove Collaborative? The convenience! Who has time to run around to different stores to find everything you need for your home? With Grove Collaborative you can get products you know and love delivered every month, which is great for your home essentials so you never run out of them! I’ve saved so much valuable time in my day (and money!) by not hunting down everything I need in the aisles of the grocery store. And Grove Collaborative offers a wide range of products, such as Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, Tom’s of Maine, and Seventh Generation.  You can also buy Grove’s own cleaning concentrates as well as environmentally-friendly Caldrea products

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative ReviewPetite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative Review

Caldrea Countertop Spray

If you want to try anything from Caldrea, I highly recommend the countertop spray. This spray has the most amazing smell! I have the Pear Blossom Agave scent. This spray fills my home with a wonderful aroma when I clean my countertops. And it does an amazing job cleaning up spills and stains from my white quartz countertop. 

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative Review

Caldrea Dish Soap

I have to admit, I was a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the Caldrea dish soap. I’ve tried more “natural” dish soaps in the past and they just didn’t do the job when it comes to clean dishes. But once I tried this dish soap I was pleasantly surprised! Caldrea’s Dish Soap is rich, concentrated, fragrant and most of all it works! This dish soap contains soap bark, which acts as a degreaser cleaning tough pans. It also contains aloe vera for soft hands. This soap rinses completely clean and is biodegradable.

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative Review

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative Review | Grove Collaborative Free ProductsPetite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative Review | Grove Collaborative Free Products

Grove Collaborative Brand Products

Grove collaborative also offers a wide range of their own products, including bath tissue and facial tissues. One of my favorite Grove products is this cleaning concentrate. Simply mix with water for a versatile spray that works on ceramic, chrome, concrete, granite, stainless steel and more. I love their dish brush and my daughter adores their kid-friendly bath bombs

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative Review | Grove Collaborative Free Products

Free Products With Your First Grove Collaborative Order!

If I haven’t convinced you already to try Grove Collaborative, then perhaps this will. I partnered with Grove Collaborative  to give you FREE products when you sign up and spend $20 on your first order

Petite Fashion and Style Blog | Grove Collaborative Review

When you sign up with Grove Collaborative using this link and place your $20 order you get Caldrea hand soap, Caldrea dish soap, Grove dish brush with replaceable head and their walnut scrubber sponges absolutely free! And you get free shipping and a free VIP trial! That’s over $30 of household products you can use absolutely free! With your VIP trial you get free shipping, free gifts, early and exclusive access to new and seasonal products, and even price matching! And if you spend over $39 you will also receive a free Grove cleaning caddy to go with your other free items! So get the product you know and love at a great price plus some free products you can use as well. If you already subscribe to Grove Collaborative you can get a free set of their Walnut scrubber sponges.


Overall I am just so impressed with Grove Collaborative. Grove is a Certified B Corp, which means they have passed the most rigorous standards for businesses that prioritize social, environmental, and community wellbeing. As a VIP member you are also assigned your own customer service rep, which makes ordering even easier. Their exemplary commitment to customer service is what keeps me shopping over and over again as a repeat customer! 

Have you ever ordered from What did you think of your experience? Leave a comment below. And please do not hesitate to ask me any questions!

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4 thoughts on “Have a Healthy and Clean Home with Grove Collaborative…

  1. Gee, I love all of these brands! I’ve never seen a service like this for healthy cleaning products. I’m headed to check it out. Thanks!

  2. I’d heard so much about these but never tried them until I was at a friends place a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed at how well they work and when I run out of what I currently have in the house I want to look into these!

  3. I haven’t heard of Caldrea. I am allergic to all the seventh generation products and most of Mrs. Meyer’s, so I am always cautious when trying new brands that are more eco friendly. I might have to try this one, especially as the dishsoap actually works!