Once I was done having children, I knew it was time to focus on keeping my skin healthy and young. I have seen women in their 50’s with young-looking skin and would often ask them what their secret is. Universally women told me they had been using retinoids for years. I knew I couldn’t do that while pregnant and but now I am not so I decided it was time. So what to use? There are thousands of beauty products available, all promising to provide younger-looking skin. But I knew most of them did not do the job they promised. So what to use? A plastic surgeon once told me that the three most important things you can do for your face are retinoids, vitamin C, and sunscreen. So here is what I chose:

Retinoid – Retinoids are the single best thing you can do for your skin for anti-aging. It is one of the few compounds that has been proven to work. I chose to use tretinoin from my local pharmacy. There are many, many over the counter retinoids available, but I chose to use the prescription version. This is more potent and more consistent in quality. It comes in a 0.25%, 0.5%, and 1%. I decided to use the middle strength. I had to start out slowly, using it at first twice weekly and now every other day. It will make your skin peel and turn red, and if that happens, back off for a day or two and mix it with moisturizer. Use this at night, just before going to bed.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C works as an anti-oxidant to brighten skin and increase skin turnover. There are many vitamin C products available, but I chose to use Revision 30% vitamin C because of it’s high potency. Again, because of it’s potency, it may need to be used as an alternate-day regimen or mixed with moisturizer. I apply this in the morning before I put on my makeup.

Sunscreen – Used to block the harmful effects of UV radiation from the skin. A higher SPF is more protective. I chose Elta MD SPF 46. It goes on clear and has moisturizers to help smooth skin. I also use this in the morning before applying makeup.

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One thought on “My Anti-Aging Regimen

  1. I just realized my medspa carries Revision brand. I may be trying it next. I am yet to use retinoids cream. Planning after summer when I am out of sun.